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Austin AI, Inc.

Austin AI, Inc. innovates and manufactures a unique line of Sensor Based Sorting Technology. Included in this are LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) as well as XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) spectroscopy based sensor sorting systems for metal scrap and foundry industry.

Austin AI began implementation of the state-of-the-art XRF technology into automated systems nearly 20 years ago. Since then, Austin AI has continued to incorporate new and increasingly sophisticated technologies and products into this vision, offering the most versatile sensor sorter line on the market.

With the increasing importance of the use of specific recycled Aluminium, and other speciality alloys, in automotive, construction, aerospace and many other high-tech industrial segments an increasing need prevailed for high speed, high capacity but very precise automated sorting systems. Austin AI expertise on applied spectroscopy in automation technologies ensured a special opportunity for the company to develop their new model, the LIBS spectroscopy technique based sensor sorter for light scrap fractions (Al, Mg, Ti alloys), within a short period of time. Their worldwide patented LIBS sensor sorter has high interest and increasing number of users.

Austin AI’s LIBS and XRF sensor sorters provide high precision, high sorting capacity and short return on investment (ROI).

Austin AI’s recent R&D success is the preliminary experiments on development a pilot, single stream THz system for sorting mixed scrap plastics.

Those, who are processor of waste plastics and common sorting methods using color, NIR, and Hyperspectral based sensing technology do not perform well in the presence of black colored material. An automated system (hereafter known as “Black Magic”) that extracts and isolates the individual components, based on a proprietary Terahertz Spectroscopy approach is believed to be economically viable.

The continuous expansion and diversification of products and services has proven to be positive, gaining more and more customers worldwide. With the help of such automation techniques not only Austin AI but their customers are contributing the key environmental goals, like circular economy and aim of zero carbon footprint.

Founded in 2001, Austin AI, Inc. is 100% owner-managed and located in the heart of the high-tech industrial area of Austin, TX USA.  Our spacious facilities house applications laboratory, R&D, technical service and production areas. We have well established worldwide sales and marketing offices.

In 2020, Austin AI opened the European Office in Budapest. Beyond sales and service obligations the European office also acts as LIBS demo and test center.

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Austin AI, Inc.
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