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SEPARATION & SORTING TECHNOLOGY – Innovations and case studies
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SERUSO S.p.A: The State-of-the-Art of MRFs in Italy
The SERUSO S.p.A plant sorts 42 000 tons per year of recyclable waste from 1.2 million citizens in Lombardy (the provinces of Lecco, Monza and Brianza, Bergamo, Milan, Pavia and Como).

In 2022, it was completely renovated to modernize its industrial tools and meet the latest European standards of sorting centres. After 15 years of collaboration with Pellenc ST, SERUSO S.p.A renewed its trust in Pellenc ST and its partner integrator VAUCHÉ to completely renovate the sorting plant.
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The REEPRODUCE’S Intelligent Sorting Pilot: First Step in the Establishment of a Resilient Permanent Magnet Value Chain in Europe
Permanent magnets based on rare-earths elements (REEs) are not sorted out in any recycling process today.

They are recognized as ferrous components and end up in scrap iron. In order to recover these raw materials, a new approach for the processing of these compounds is needed.
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TOMRA Recycling Sorting hosts event to celebrate the extension of its test facilities in Germany
From February 28 to March 2, TOMRA welcomed industry partners, customers and media representatives to celebrate the opening of a second test center at its headquarters in Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany.

The event took place within the framework of the company’s Integrator’s Conference. More than 200 participants from 26 countries joined the two-day event and enjoyed a diverse conference and event program.
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Innovative Sorting System Boosts Coin Recovery from Industrial Waste Incineration and Car Scrap
REDWAVE, a leading provider of metal recycling solutions, introduces the new sensor-based sorting system REDWAVE CX coin sorter, an innovative sorting system that revolutionizes coin recovery from industrial waste incineration (IBA slag) and car scrap.

The system boasts a fully automatic sorting process for coins from heavy metal fractions, offering a cost-effective solution for the recovery of valuable metals.
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GRAF Gives a new Life to Black Plastics using STEINERT Technology
The GRAF Group has committed itself to taking a responsible approach to nature. For 60 years, this Baden-based family business has been producing plastic products for the sustainable use of rainwater. Some 70% of the material in GRAF products is recycled, thanks to the company’s convictions. | Read more »
PICVISA and the Digitalization of the Three Stages in Waste Management
Waste management and treatment is currently immersed in a complex process of innovation and transformation to make the collection, classification and recycling of waste more efficient, profitable and respectful of the environment. | Read more »
Zixtel Ltd Evolves with Bunting’s Eddy Current Separator
The Zixtel evolution began in the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, when the company changed their focus to recycling and purchased the Bunting Metal Separation Module. Zixtel Ltd have since developed a reputation for metals recovery from a wide range of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste discarded by other recycling companies. | Read more »
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Pellenc ST
Pellenc ST develops optical sorting machines for household and industrial wastes. The technologies used to sort these materials are near infrared (NIR), middle infrared, vision & induction technologies. | Read more »
Sense2Sort – Toratecnica
We from Sense2Sort are trendsetters of innovative sorting solutions. We offer you a machine standard which is operator friendly and up-to-performance. | Read more »

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