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Another Herbold Washing Line in the UK

Another Herbold Washing Line in the UK
13 Nov 2020  |
Herbold Meckesheim supplies a plant with an input capacity of approximately 10.000 tpa for film recycling in England.

It is designed for 100 percent post-industrial stretch film. A demanding application for wash lines, as it represents an extremely high surface area and low bulk density.

The plant is another step to cover the growing demands for high-quality plastic recycling in the UK. According to its Government, an additional tax on plastic packaging is very likely to be introduced in 2022. The initial amount accounts for £200 per ton on the packaging which does not include at least 30 percent recycled material. This will encourage the demand for high-quality recyclate.

One of the highlights of the latest project is the HERBOLD EWS 45/200 shredder which is used as a pre-shredder prior to the wet granulator. The new concept particularly enhances the accessibility to the knives and sieves on behalf of user-friendly handling. A gearless belt-driven propulsion system in combination with a mechanical clutch offers additional protection against demolition caused by foreign bodies. The rotor can be equipped with variable knife configurations and as an option with easy to change armor-plating.

In order to obtain the highest quality of the final product, a hydrocyclone is used instead of a conventional separation tank which achieves higher separation levels, exerts more friction upon the material, hence generates purer flakes. These considerably better outcomes were confirmed prior to the customers´ purchase decision via tests carried out in the Herbold test center.

Herbold Meckesheim is in a good position to comply with increasing demands for high-quality plastic recyclates. The latest washing plant generation makes a major contribution to more circularity in England.

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