High Quality Paper Recycling Products with Sensor Based Sorting Technology

The demands on the paper industry in the coming years require a completely new understanding of quality and material availability. Changes in our demographic and economic behaviour make a new generation of sorting machines indispensable.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible support for future challenges, the REDWAVE 2i was specially developed for the upcoming requirements in the paper industry. Based on the very successful NIR/C, the REDWAVE 2i has been improved and optimised in many ways.

Furthermore, the REDWAVE 2i offers the necessary prerequisites for future developments in the area of Industry 4.0 and thus becomes a future-oriented solution for the upcoming requirements and needs of the paper industry.

Every REDWAVE 2i is equipped with REDWAVE mate. It is an intelligent, digital companion that supports the plant operator in ensuring the best possible balance between sorting performance, throughput and quality.

The plant operator receives an end product of the best possible quality and purity with a maximum output rate.
In this way, the high-quality sorted end products can be reused in the paper industry as a sustainable secondary raw material.

High Quality Paper Recycling Products with Sensor Based Sorting Technology
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