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Nihot Releases High-Quality Tracked Mobile Windshifter

1 Dec 2020  |
The SDM windshifter is a new offering from Nihot Recycling Technology B.V. in conjunction with TRS BV and shows Nihot’s ongoing investment in innovative product development.

It will enlarge their product range, meeting both market and customers’ needs. The SDi windshifter, the most reliable and versatile heavy/light separator, is now available on tracks in addition to semi-mobile and static options, allowing customers the opportunity to choose the configuration which best suits their application and environment.

The collaboration between Nihot and TRS is a response to the increasing market demand for an SDi windshifter on caterpillar tracks, a configuration that expands the versatility of a mobile windshifter when processing various waste types in different places.

“We are very excited to introduce this new family member to our range of windshifters,” said Nihot Sales and Marketing Director Joep Barenbrug. “Since Nihot introduced the first semi-mobile windshifter in 2011, now known as SDi, it has become one of our most popular machines. Our customers are very satisfied with the adaptability and performance of our SDi semi-mobile windshifter but most use it as a static machine. But ever since its introduction, we have received customer requests for a fully mobile Nihot windshifter. Some customers need a self-propelled windshifter as no power source is available on remote sites, while others want tracks to maneuver from pile to pile when processing rough and sharp materials, such as metal scrap.”

“We believe that Nihot builds class-leading windshifters, that’s why it is logical for TRS to join forces with Nihot and develop this high-quality tracked mobile version,” said TRS CEO Jorrit Tuip. “We are looking forward to bringing this machine into the recycling market and meeting the mobile demand of both our respected customers!”

“We believe that our new offering will be welcomed by our customers that need a self-propelled windshifter,” added Joep Barenbrug. “Premium heavy/light separation and mobility together.”

The SDi windshifter will be manufactured at the Nihot factory and the tracks are designed and constructed by TRS. At TRS’ facility, the Nihot windshifter will be assembled onto its tracks.

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