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State-of-the-Art Waste Paper Sorting Plant for Loacker, Götzis, Exceeds Set Targets

State-of-the-Art Waste Paper Sorting Plant for Loacker, Götzis, Exceeds Set Targets
8 Oct 2021  |
In April this year, Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH was commissioned with the construction of a new waste paper sorting plant for Loacker in Götzis, Austria.

Due to the Corona restrictions at the beginning of this year, the project faced some special challenges. The entire planning had to take place under difficult conditions during the second wave of the pandemic. Meetings with the client had to take place partly via video conferencing, as short-term meetings on site were often not possible. In addition, the project duration of only 5 months from contract award and planning to commissioning was a very ambitious target, especially in view of the pandemic-related delivery problems and freight difficulties. Last but not least, the installation of the equipment under the roof on the upper floor of the sorting hall also posed enormous technical challenges for the assembly work.

That is the reason why it was all the more satisfying that all set tasks could be completed in time. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Loacker Recycling GmbH and Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA as well as all the partners involved, the project was implemented in this record time and with excellent final results.

“We are impressed with the realization of the project,” says Gerald Engler, Technical Managing Director of Loacker Recycling GmbH. With this new sorting plant, Loacker is now excellently prepared for the rapidly changing situation on the paper markets. In addition to the system configuration, the modern system control with process optimisation also ensures a high degree of flexibility.

The MAX-POS process optimisation from Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH aims to achieve the highest possible degree of plant automation and the best possible plant efficiency. By electronically linking the plant components relevant for sorting, process data is continuously recorded online during sorting operation.

The material flow is monitored and regulated fully automatically during the sorting process. This enables the system to react automatically to changes in the input and to compensate for them independently. By using a specially developed intermediate bunker, the usual fluctuations in the composition of the input material are balanced out and the flow is homogenised. The subsequent sorting units can thus work with the highest efficiency all times.

As a further technology highlight, Loacker GmbH has chosen a life assistance system. This enables Loacker to be in contact with the responsible technicians at any time and to be supported and guided with expert knowledge. Data glasses are used as a remote maintenance tool and as digital assistance in the area of assembly work, maintenance and also quality assurance.

The system promises significant advantages in terms of fast technical support, accuracy and cost reduction. The use of such service tools is the future for fast and close support for customers, and not only at times of Corona.

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