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Responsibility as a Value

Responsibility as a Value
30 Aug 2019  |
KERAVA - The story of the Finnish brewing company Olvi begins already in 1878. Having responsibility at the core of business since the beginning, it is no surprise that efficiency and environmental issues are closely related to sustainability at Olvi. Europress was selected as a waste management partner to streamline material circulation at Olvi. The idea is to maximize the reuse rate.


Waste management is a part of the production process at Olvi meaning that any kind of errors in/with waste handling equipment would affect the production chain.


Europress’ solutions have ensured cultural change, according to which the waste management centres have become recycling centres. Everything that can be recycled and reused, will be recycled and reused.

Products used

  • Europress Balex 30 vertical baler (3 units)
  • Europress CombiMax mobile compactor (2 units)
  • Europress H&G screw compactor (4 units)
  • Through-wall feed solution (3 units)

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