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Siebtechnik Tema B.V. and TRS B.V. have joined their forces to develop a mobile screening machine.

Siebtechnik Tema B.V. and TRS B.V. have joined their forces to develop a mobile screening machine, on tracks and equipped with our powerful Hein Lehmann Liwell® screen.
Liwell® screening machines have been specially developed by us to operate in very demanding conditions where conventional screening stops.

Characteristic is the tram­poline-shaped movement and stretching of the superelastic polyurethane mats. The Liwell® machine consists of two interlocked sieve boxes, which are moved in opposite directions by means of an eccentric shaft.

The STR 1550 is a complete mobile screening solution that is used in the most difficult to screen applications, where fine particles can reach down to 0,5mm in size and, high throughput capacities play a major role.

Mobile Liwell® STR 1550 screening machines can be executed in a single or double-deck version, depending on client process requirements.

The type of screening machine used:

Hein Lehmann Liwell®

LF 1.5-5.04/16 ED.

The STR 1550 features multiple conveyor belts for screening material transport. The conveyor belt position and speed can be controlled with an on-board hydraulic system, powered by a diesel Caterpillar C4.4 powerplant. The screening sieve angle can be adjusted from 15° to 25°.

The complete system is built on caterpillar tracks, to ensure great mobility even in most remote areas, with limited on-site infrastructure. The STR 1550 track-units movement can be controlled by means of a radio control unit.

The entire frame of the machine is constructed from hot-dip galvanized carbon steel, while other main components being manufactured in stainless steel.

The construction materials have been chosen to ensure that our machines can perform in many heavy industries and can withstand the toughest conditions encountered on-site.

Such as:

Incinerator ash processing, recycling waste, sand and gravel, limestone, concrete, compost, iron ore, coal, glass recycling, biomass, digestate from digesters, shredder materials, larva and many more.

Our engineers have designed the STR 1550 for ease of maintenance, by ensuring that there is sufficient space between main components for easy access to all parts.

Any maintenance that needs to be performed, can also be done by our own technicians at customers’ request.

Our client demands are the leading factor for our machinery, therefore our mobile screening machine can be outfitted with various additional options, such as:

  • Hydraulic foldable grid
  • Central lubrication system
  • Expanded illumination
  • Fully electric drive

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions mobile screening machine:

  • Length -19,000mm
  • Width – 3,000mm
  • Height- 3,100mm in transport position

Total weight single deck:                  approx. 37,000kg – STR 1550-I
Total weight double deck:                approx. 41,000kg – STR 1550-II
Liwell® screening machine type:   LF 1.5-5.04/16 ED
Screening angle adjustable:             15° to 25°
Drive system:                                     diesel-hydraulic
Feed bunker capacity:                       8m³ total

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