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Startup Company Woodly Closes Its Production Loop With The Help Of NGR

Startup Company Woodly Closes Its Production Loop With The Help Of NGR – Woodly Products Are Aligned With The European Strategy for Plastics
15 Jun 2020  |
Woodly Ltd has previously generated international media attention by redesigning plastics. Now Woodly has demonstrated the recyclability of its products with the help of plastic recycling machines from Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR).

According to the European Strategy for Plastics (2018), by 2030 all plastics packaging placed on the EU market must be either reusable or easily recyclable. Woodly Ltd’s commercial product – also know as Woodly® –  is a new type of plastic-based on wood cellulose.  The material has been designed to be recyclable with existing plastic recycling technology, which has now been verified.

“Recycling Woodly material from film to granules was easy and the granules were of high clarity. From the recycled Woodly granules, a clear, 20-micrometer thin cast film could be produced in our lab under typical polyolefin processing conditions and extruder settings, indicating that the material is suited for blown film processes as well. This is rare, as typically the reprocessing of bio-based plastics into thin films is not a simple task. Woodly’s material is a perfect match for NGR’s existing equipment.”, saysNGR’s Development & Process Technology Engineer, Dr. Peter Hierzenberger

The CTO of Woodly, Martta Asikainen, is delighted with the well-run pilot experiment: “We believe that the future of plastics is both renewable and recyclable. That is the only way to meet the growing material demand in a sustainable way. Our goal is to reduce the need for fossil feedstock as well as for virgin material. With NGR we have found a reliable partner for recycling, with whom we will be glad to expand the collaboration.”

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic Woodly is still planning to launch the innovative material during this year in various packaging applications.

“In our opinion, the current situation with the Coronavirus has highlighted the urgent need for sustainability. Our mission to accelerate the shift toward a circular economy is now more relevant than ever. Fortunately, there are many like-minded brand owners that have it in their strategy to look beyond this current situation and invest in the future. Now that we have demonstrated the recyclability of Woodly material with NGR, we expect there will be even more interest toward our material.”, concludes Martta Asikainen.

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NGR is an Austrian manufacturer of machines for the recycling of thermoplastics from industrial plastic processors or from end-of-life plastic waste streams. Various different machine-series combine the shredding of the plastic input (fibres, films, flakes,...

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