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Ulster Shredders Providing Solutions in Waste Reduction

Ulster Shredders Providing Solutions in Waste Reduction
6 May 2021  |
Industrial shredder specialists Ulster Shredders, continue to provide shredding solutions for companies across the globe. 2021 is a busy year for Ulster Shredders, as they continue to develop and distribute new products.

A key value that Ulster Shredders have carried throughout their 50 years of business is customer support and focus. They understand the importance of supporting their customers manage their waste in a sustainable and safe manner. Ulster Shredders’ engineering team manufactures versatile and robust shredders that are equipped to overcome and reduce the size of a variety of large problematic objects. No application is too tricky, as with 50 years’ experience behind the company they have designed a large product range that can shred all types of material. 

Sales and service director Paul Atkinson explains, “Our engineering team has taken into great consideration the issues around volume reduction for businesses and have engineered industrial shredders that are capable to overcome these challenges. Many of our machines are equipped with a number of control options to best-fit customers’ in-house facilities.”

Waste Reduction

Machine operator safety, running costs, and efficiency is taking into consideration when Ulster Shredders manufacture bespoke systems. The Northern Ireland-based company also manufactures pusher hoppers and conveyors providing full systems for customers.

When tackling size reduction, Ulster Shredders treats each application differently and provides the best method to tackle bulky material. Their sales team guides each customer throughout the process and helps them select the most adequate shredder.   

Not only manufacturing industrial shredders that tackle size reduction, but they too manufacture shredders for a variety of industries such as confidential waste, mobile shredding, and production processing.

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