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Scrap as the Basis for Green Steel

Scrap as the Basis for Green Steel
1 Dec 2023  |
Leading experts in the steel industry agree that "green steel" is increasingly in demand and steelworks will gain a competitive advantage if they follow this trend.

This development confirms that the steel industry is also on the right path towards climate neutrality. The most important basis for the production of green steel is – at least in the medium term – quality scrap. This applies to both long and flat steel production. As the use of scrap increases and the limits of substitution of HBI / DRI by scrap are felt, the quality of the scrap used plays an increasingly important role. However, the quality of the scrap used is also becoming increasingly important for today’s scrap-based steelworks in terms of maximizing the energy efficiency of melting operations.SICON HMS Cleaning Advanced for effective scrap metal cleaning

The demand for scrap will undoubtedly increase in the coming years, especially in integrated plants. To satisfy this demand typical export grades are currently being considered, which are not characterized by high quality in terms of chemical consistency and binding compliance with limit values. In order to make these quantities available for use in the transformation phase, dedicated processing is necessary.

SICON EcoScan® Online: Ongoing knowledge of scrap analysis, not just for Shredded Scrap SICON´s technologies for cleaning and refining Shredded Scrap and, in particular, Sheared Scrap (HMS Cleaning Advanced and Scrap Tuning®) can produce qualities that come very close to the properties of DRI or HBI. Supplemented by the EcoScan® Online, which automatically generates a quality and analysis certificate for every load sent to the smelting plant, Design Scrap (also known as Crafted Scrap) is produced that precisely meets the requirements of the smelting plants. SICON EcoRip® Neo for the shredding of shredder feed material and also Sheared Scrap

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