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PICVISA and the Digitalization of the Three Stages in Waste Management
Waste management and treatment is currently immersed in a complex process of innovation and transformation to make the collection, classification and recycling of waste more efficient, profitable and respectful of the environment.

Quick-change Mixed Waste Processing
Santa Barbara County’s Resource Center efficiently sorts both MSW and single stream using the same circuit with TOMRA AUTOSORT™ units to successfully reduce landfilling. Santa Barbara County’s Resource Center in California may quite possibly be a model of efficiency for future material recovery facilities (MRF) in North America. 

STADLER Test and Innovation Center is Valuable Resource for Research Projects on Waste Sorting Processes
The two-year-old STADLER Center is fulfilling its role as an innovation hub, participating in important research such as the award-winning EnEWA paper recycling project. It is also providing a valuable service to customers with demonstrations of the sorting process designed for them by STADLER.
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Parry & Evans Recover Metal with Bunting Magnetic Separators
Recycling specialist Parry & Evans has installed Bunting magnetic separators to recover metal from pre-sorted domestic waste. At their Deeside plant in the United Kingdom, the company uses a Permanent Overband Magnet to recover ferrous metals such as steel food cans, and an Eddy Current Separator to reclaim valuable aluminium including drinks cans.
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Induction Sorter | 4.0 Ready
We are an innovative company and creating new model, sensor based sorters for the industry is a main company focus, such as the LIBS-MS. Our oldest machines, however, are still very much relevant today.

The induction sorter is a standard for metal recovery in any shredder downstream. Together with the Magnet and the Eddy Current Sorter (ECS) the induction sorter is mandatory in the recovery of all metals in any post shredder sorting line.
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REDWAVE Qi “the Quality Eye”: The First Fully Automatic Quality Control System in Mobile Container Design
Austrian based REDWAVE has been developing ground-breaking solutions for the recycling industry for over 25 years. In addition to sorting machines and sorting systems for the extraction of recyclable materials, REDWAVE recently delivered the first fully automatic quality control system in mobile container design to one of the largest glass manufacturers in Germany. | Read more »
By Combining X-ray with Machine Learning, the New Xpert Opens up New Sorting Possibilities
The latest generation of Xpert combines a dual-energy transmission X-ray with a new technology derived from breakthroughs in artificial intelligence: Machine Learning. | Read more »
Modular Overband Magnet For Mobile Recycling Systems
The modularly designed magnets remove iron particles from underlying material streams and are intended for mobile recycling systems such as shredders, crushers and screens. The magnetic separators are constructed with either Ferrite or Neodymium magnets, with the latter being upgraded from a 2-pole to a 3-pole system. | Read more »
Enhanced Quality Control, Operational Efficiency with AI-Powered Automation
FCC Medio Ambiente/Environment is an environmental services leader in Spain. The company is one of the most important players in construction and water treatment services and a partner in the construction and operation of waste management plants. | Read more »
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PICVISA is an innovative technology-based company that offers solutions based on robotics, artificial intelligence and machine vision to the national and international markets. | Read more »
Sense2Sort – Toratecnica
We from Sense2Sort are trendsetters of innovative sorting solutions. We offer you a machine standard which is operator friendly and up-to-performance. | Read more »

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