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Opportunities Offered By Separating Street Sweeper Waste

Opportunities Offered By Separating Street Sweeper Waste
The days are past when the humble street sweeper provided a way to simply make the streets look better and free of litter.

Now almost every aspect of street sweeping is contributing to making the environment better for everyone, and it is not longer just brushing along the curbs. The aim is to reduce the environmental and economic costs of dumping waste in a landfill.

The City of Odessa has achieved the recovery of useful materials and reduced expenses by separating municipal solid waste (MSW) collected. Aside from trash, the street sweepers also collected soil, while kept together it was unusable material and they had it hauled away. Until the day they added an MB screening bucket to their fleet. 

Instead of continuing to spend money on transporting the waste material to a landfill, then purchasing and transporting new material to the areas where the berms need to be reformed, they attached an  MB-LS170 screening bucket to their loader and they began to separate the soil from the trash. The clean soil is now used to reform the berms in the city. They bought an attachment that helped them reduce their expenses, allowing them to save money in their budget and put it toward other repairs the city needed.

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