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Terex Ecotec's TRS 550 Boosts Processing Capacity at Repurpose IT

Terex Ecotec's TRS 550 Boosts Processing Capacity at Repurpose IT
10 Sep 2021  |
Melbourne-based recycling company Repurpose It has seen its investment in a Terex Ecotec TRS 550 paying off, with its aggressive flip-flow screening boosting processing capacity of soil and compost materials at its Epping facility.

According to their mission statement, Repurpose It believes that landfills are a thing of the past and that all waste can be converted into valuable resources and products. Living up to this statement, Repurpose It produces a comprehensive range of soil and sand products by processing reclaimed contaminated excavation waste. These manufactured sand products save more than 17,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum when compared to the environmental cost of producing and using virgin sand, providing a measurable benefit to the Australian environment.

To assist its operations and maintain a consistent flow of material, Repurpose It has been running a TRS 550 recycling screen, acquired from Finlay Waste and Recycling. Site Manager Peter Cianciosi says the screen has been operating exceptionally well. Importantly, however, he says the Finlay team has offered terrific support, from initial inquiry to commissioning and operation.

“We’re seeing less downtime, more productivity, and a better-quality product. The machine itself is great, but it’s the service from Finlay that has been the stand-out, from day one they have provided really great backup and support,” Peter says. The tracked, heavy-duty TRS 550 is an efficient and versatile mobile screen unit, featuring a specialist screen box from German manufacturer Spaleck. The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size, with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension shaft screen on the lower deck.

“We use a variety of raw materials that we receive from off-site, including compost and reclaimed soil, which we blend through the TRS 550 to create a saleable product,” Peter says. The proven Terex platform, with standard features such as a steel apron feeder, combined with state-of-the-art 3D top deck screening panels and a highly aggressive flip-flow bottom deck, allows the TRS 550 to perform under difficult application requirements.

Richard Lavery, Territory Sales Manager for Terex Ecotec says, “The TRS 550 can perform in the most difficult to separate waste streams, as shown by its application at Repurpose It. The aggressive Spaleck flip-flow screen allows operators to process materials where normal recycling screens would not be effective, enabling operators to extract more value from waste and divert more material from landfill.”

Peter further explains that the screen’s intelligent 3D top-deck design works to eliminate blockages, adding that the aggressive flip flow mats don’t blind over even in the dampest of material. Prior to purchasing the TRS 550 from Finlay, Peter says Repurpose It had issues with screens and blockage. However, since running the new highly aggressive Terex screen, Peter says he is able to get more products on the ground each week.

“We get a lot of raw material that is very wet and difficult to process, but since using the TRS 550 our productivity has increased, as operators don’t have to stop the process regularly to clean the screens,” he says. Peter adds that the TRS 550 has exceeded his expectations, allowing Repurpose It to boost its output performance and produce a greater quantity of recycled sands and soils.

“Our clients range from some of Australia’s largest local government authorities and private waste operators, to our local community members seeking the opportunity to be part of the Repurpose It journey towards a zero-landfill community,” Peter says. “It’s therefore extremely important that we operate high-quality, robust, and reliable equipment such as the TRS 550.”

Finlay, a specialist supplier of screening and processing equipment for the waste and recycling industry, is an approved dealer of Terex Ecotec in Australia covering QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, and SA. Founded in Brisbane in 1979, Finlay’s business model is centred around the idea that a sale is only the beginning of the relationship with its clients. As such, the company has a strong focus on technical support and after-sales parts and services.

The TRS 550 is available to purchase now via Finlay Waste and Recycling (in Australia) or globally through Terex Ecotec’s dealer distribution network. To learn more and to locate your nearest dealer visit

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