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Technologies for Recycling and Bulk Solids Contribute to Sustainability

Technologies for Recycling and Bulk Solids Contribute to Sustainability
22 Jan 2020  |
As raw materials grow ever scarcer and environmental pollution ever more acute, the responsible and economical use of resources becomes increasingly important.

Ensuring that recyclable raw materials find their way back into the economic cycle is now the focus of the day-to-day business. At Solids and Recycling-Technik in Dortmund on 1 & 2 April 2020, trade visitors will once again be able to obtain comprehensive information on practical solutions, industry trends and the opportunities that digitalization brings for greater efficiency and sustainability.

Industry and research have long been concerned with enabling economic growth while preserving resources. It has become increasingly important for companies to rethink tried-and-true processes and equip them for the future. Manufacturers face the challenges of using raw materials more efficiently, incorporating them smoothly and without losses into the process chain, minimizing wastage, and resorting more often to recycling. Methods such as sieving, mixing, separating or crushing are just as crucial for the initial treatment of raw materials as for their final recycling.

The latest developments in digitalization are already proving useful for efficient process design. Thus, it behooves those in charge to find out about the opportunities currently available and the trends for the future, to engage with others facing the same challenges and to position their companies both sustainably and profitably. Industrial trade shows such as Solids and Recycling-Technik offer an ideal platform for exactly this.

Recycling and bulk solids technology in transition

On 1 & 2 April 2020, experts in bulk solids technology and recycling will present their companies and wares at the Messe Dortmund. The combination of Solids Dortmund with Recycling-Technik offers numerous synergies for exhibitors and visitors alike since many of the technologies for the handling of bulk goods are applicable to recycling. And, on a total of five lecture stages, experts will be presenting both practical solutions and future trends.

Numerous partners of the two shows will be there, like the German Federation for Disposal (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft DGAW e.V) with the latest information on the implementation of the new Commercial Waste Ordinance, Vero e.V. speaking on the recycling of construction materials, or IAB Weimar with its simulations of the construction cycle and bulk materials handling, and the School for Applied Technology (Technische Hochschule) of Ostwestfalen Lippe on the topic of life science technologies.

For the first time, in 2020 Professor Dr. Uli Barth from the Bergische University Wuppertal will participate with a talk on occupational safety and explosion protection, as will the House of Technology (Haus der Technik e.V.) and Digital in NRW. “Due to the close cooperation with our competence partners, we can take up topics of great concern to both of these industries, and we can demonstrate today’s and tomorrow’s solutions to our visitors,” says Birgit Meinberg, who is responsible for partner acquisition and lecture programs at the conference organizer, Easyfairs.

The Guided Tours will also have two new thrusts in 2020. Measuring material flow and efficient use of resources and energy are just two examples of the hot topics to be addressed. Visitors will find numerous opportunities to exchange ideas with specialists on the most important questions in the industry and to find sustainable solutions for their companies.

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