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The Next Generation Has Arrived!

The Next Generation Has Arrived!
15 May 2020  |
MARKHAM, ONTARIO - For the past 50 years, the pulverizing industry has been content with the status quo. When dealing with problems or opportunities inthe sector, manufacturers tinkered rather than heading off boldly in new directions.

Orenda refused to settle. With a track record for producing consistent, high-quality plastic powders, the company opted instead to invest 3 years into research and development culminating with the creation of a state-of-the-art machine that was easier to use, safer to operate and more efficient. Airforce© Technology was the result of their efforts.

How does it work?

AirForce© Technology uses air that is drawn into the mill housing to cool both mill and material, eliminating the use of water completely. This means water towers, pipes, pumps, and chillers are a thing of the past. The end result is a pulverizer with notably improved production rates while consuming approximately 50% less energy than conventional systems.

This breakthrough has disrupted the future of the pulverizing sector. Manufacturers who have chosen Airforce© Technology confirmed higher efficiency, improved finished material quality, and reliability of operation. Orenda boasts that it is the only manufacturer that offers a Quick- Clean option that reduces cleaning time by at least 60%.

“Yes, there is always risk involved with modernization in any sector but with reputation at stake, it makes us work harder, smarter and with an incredible amount of determination.”

The Next Generation Has Arrived!

The exceptional performance of this new generation of pulverizers minimizes the overall per pound cost of material produced. Requiring minimal operator training/ attention, these machines have made it possible to pulverize materials that conventional pulverizers cannot process ambient satisfactorily or profitably.

As AirForce© continues to gain traction in the market, the team at Orenda pursues further innovations. While meeting the most stringent safety standards and keeping customer safety in mind, Orenda’s engineers apply FEA (finite elemental analysis) to pinpoint areas of possible weakness in the design of their machines. Today, Orenda continues to advance pulverizing technology by leaps and bounds. The company recently introduced the next generation of its already bestin-class technology- the fully automated Smart Adjust AI.

“… the next generation of its already best-inclass technology- the fully automated Smart Adjust AI.”

Previously, adjusting the disc gap was a time consuming but necessary practice. Repeated several times a day, the cost associated with this downtime would be considerable. With Orenda’s new Quick Adjust, machine downtime is kept at a minimum.

The most sophisticated pulverizing innovation on the market, the AI module automatically analyzes powder output and quality, while accurately adjusting the disc gap.

Orenda invites prospective customers to test their new machines and see first-hand, the dramatic improvements that the Airforce© Technology can make to your company’s bottom line. The Next Generation Has Arrived! Pulverizing has never been easier or more effective.

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