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WEIMA celebrates its variety of drive systems together with a pre-shredder premiere at IFAT 2022

WEIMA celebrates its variety of drive systems together with a pre-shredder premiere at IFAT 2022
14 Apr 2022  |
One thing is for sure: There is no such thing as ONE kind of scrap. In our globalized world, material flows can be too diverse. At the same time, the requirements that processors place on secondary raw materials are becoming increasingly complex.

Individual solutions and flexibility are therefore required for shredding. And that starts with selecting the right drive. WEIMA offers four different drive concepts. At IFAT 2022, the recycling specialist from Ilsfeld will be exhibiting two large shredders – the FineCut 3000 single-shaft secondary shredder and a new pre-shredder with two-shaft technology. The WEIMA M8.28 pre-shredder will be celebrating its major premiere in Munich.

1. Direct drive with hydraulic motor: Transmission without bypasses

At IFAT, industry visitors can examine the FineCut 3000 with a hydraulic drive from Hägglunds Bosch Rexroth. This is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of substitute fuel as it has no classic gearbox that is subject to wear during impacts. This means that it is quicker to react and less sensitive to foreign materials. A control pump adjusts the rotational speed (rpm) and torque quickly, uniformly and continuously without power peaks. The rugged direct drive with hydraulic motor is very efficient, with extremely high torques at low connected load. This means that less electricity is required and overall operating costs can be significantly reduced.

2. High-Torque drive: Electromechanical drive with belt and multi-pole synchronous torque motor

The innovative High-Torque drive from Baumüller supplements the WEIMA drive portfolio. It is extremely high-torque and resistant to foreign objects. The fact that there is no gearbox means that the drive withstands impacts and vibrations even when shredding challenging material flows. A frequency inverter2 / 4 allows exact adjustment of the torque and rotational speed to achieve an optimal result in terms of throughput and quality of the shredded material.

3. Electromechanical drive with belt: High rotational speeds.Even higher throughputs.

FineCut shredders can also use a 6-pole asynchronous motor without a gearbox. The rotational speed can be steplessly adjusted via a frequency inverter. Extreme throughputs can be achieved thanks to the high rotational speed. A slip clutch protects the drive train from damage caused by contaminants and thus ensures a long service life. The drive is extremely rugged, low-maintenance and ensures an electrically load-free start-up without any power peaks.

4. Electromechanical drive with WEIMA WAP gearbox: The proven standard drive

A conventional electromechanical drive with gearbox is used in the WEIMA WL and WLK shredders. The WAP gearbox, which was specially developed for the shredding from WEIMA, ensures optimum torque transmission and maximum resistance to extraneous materials.

Portfolio expansion: M8.28 twin-shaft pre-shredder for heavy-duty applications

The high-throughput M8.28 two-shaft shredder expands the portfolio in the field of industrial pre-shredding. The shredder shreds waste from households, trade, and industry to a defined grain size. With the introduction of the M8.28, WEIMA is responding to the growing demand for coarser discharge materials. Together with the PreCut pre-shredder, the PowerLine universal shredder and the FineCut secondary shredder, WEIMA covers the entire range of waste processing services.

The M8.28 is particularly suitable for shredding highly contaminated materials, even if it is not known how large the proportion of contaminants is. Depending on the feed material, the shredder achieves a peak throughput of up to 50 tons per hour. It offers maximum throughput as well as high availability and low operating costs.

The newly developed M8.28 shredder also has the usual variety of drive options from WEIMA. The pre-shredder can be equipped with a hydraulic motor with a transmission step or with a direct drive with a hydraulic motor. WEIMA will be showcasing the shredder with direct drive at IFAT.

You will find WEIMA at IFAT in Hall B6, Stand 239/338.

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