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Our goal is to support our customers specifically in the area required. MSTVision GmbH offers a wide range of services.

Our focus lies in the area of industrial image processing and automation, including things such as:

  • Developing algorithms/scripts in the HALCON software library from the company MVTec.
  • Developing FPGA solutions in the VISUAL APPLETS developer environment from the company Silicon Software
  • Carrying out feasibility test and concept studies including test set-ups adapted to customer requirements.
  • Participation in and implementation of workshops at the customer’s site or in our facilities
    (e.g. HALCON, training on line scan cameras, development workshops…)
  • Supporting all phases of procurement projects.
  • Conceptualization and implementation of actions and systems for quality assurance and process optimization.


Recently we have delivered an increasing number of stand-alone systems and sub-modules. We will develop tailored solutions for you that meet your requirements precisely to fit into your application. Especially for line scan camera applications, we offer our MultiChannel technology for image acquisition of several lighting setups within just a single pass.

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