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FORNNAX 10 Ton per Hour Tyre Recycling Plant

23 Nov 2023  |
FORNNAX offers a range of options for its Tyre Recycling Plant, including different processing capacities and rates. The Recycling Technology provided by FORNNAX ensures that the Tyre Recycling process is reliable, efficient, and economical. The Tyre Shredding Equipment offered by FORNNAX is robust, easy to maintain, and capable of producing high-quality output at low production costs. The FORNNAX Tyre Recycling Plant can process up to 10 tons per hour or 300 tons per day, producing steel-free rubber chips or mulch. These recycled tyre chips can be used as fuel for heat plants and cement plants.

The process of converting a full tyre into 20-25 mm steel-free rubber chips is as follows:

The full tyres are fed into the Fornnax SR-Series primary shredder through the Infeed conveyor system. This equipment is designed to reduce the whole tyre into variable-size strips using high torque and low speed. The shredded tyre strips are approximately 50mm wide x 300mm long, with occasional pieces up to 400mm long. Strips sized up to 150mm undergo a screening process. Strips larger than 150mm are sent back to the primary shredder to produce consistently sized shreds ranging from 50mm to 150mm in size.

The primary tyre shreds are then fed into the Fornnax R-Series secondary shredder through a conveyor feed system. This heavy-duty medium-speed equipment is equipped with a screening system that produces tyre chips measuring 20-30 mm, known as rubber mulch. During this process, ferrous metal is separated from the bead and tread area and then extracted using an over-band magnet. This results in rubber mulch that is up to 98% steel-free, making it suitable for further processing. At this stage, the material can be marketed as high-quality low-steel Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) for various combustion applications.

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