Tyre Recycling Plant Chooses ITS Granulator

Tyre Recycling Plant Chooses ITS Granulator

ITS has supplied a granulator model ITS170/67, installed as part of a complete tyre recycling facility designed to recycle 25,000 ton of tyre per year. The ITS170/67 was selected because it has an extremely low total granulating function cost, reduced maintenance and operational costs therefore increased productivity, providing increased revenue per hour.

The ITS170/67 is driven by a 160kW electric motor connected via V belts to a large flywheel. This grinder will process 2000 kg/hr of pre-shredded car and truck tyre pieces 20mm in size down to around 0 – 5mm.

The special staggered rotor blade geometry offers an extremely smooth and gradual cutting action requiring very low energy consumption compared to traditional straight blade granulators. The maintenance of this machine is extremely simple and quick to carry out.

After the recycling process any steel or fluff textile is removed leaving a clean ground rubber. A portion of the product is selected by a sieving system and subdivided into various particles sizes to obtain batches with a uniform granular consistency depending on the final destination of the product. A part of the granules, around 4mm in size, will further be processed down to 0 – 0.08 mm to be used in other applications.

The ground rubber output, as 2 – 5mm fraction, is used in road surfacing as part of the asphalt mix. This size is also suitable for the production of street furniture and anti-shock pavements used in children’s play fields or in running tracks and other sports fields such as tennis or basket courts. The 0.08 – 2mm fraction is used in the manufacture of soundproofing and anti-vibration panels for the construction industry and under railways to absorb vibrations.

Tyre Recycling Facility Chooses ITS Granulator

ITS is a dynamic Italian owned and operated company with more than 25 years consolidated experience to the recycling industry, specializing in the design, manufacture and worldwide supply of granulators, twin shaft shredders and other machinery for the size reduction of plastics and rubber to include other types of material.

ITS granulators range from single machines with installed power ranging from 22kW to 250kW to include comple-te turn-key installations designed to process specific products into granules and powder.

For further information and to discuss your granulator requirements do not hesitate to contact us.

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