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COGELME Eddy Current Separator for Demolition Waste

COGELME Eddy Current Separator for Demolition Waste
For separation of non-ferrous metals from bulky and heavy demolition waste fraction Cogelme offers an extremely sturdy and powerful Eddy Current Separator.

Solid wide diameter magnetic rotor, designed for heavy materials handling, separates aluminum, copper, brass, lead objects up to 400 mm sizes. Strong push and long falling trajectory of non-ferrous metals help to achieve the highest yields and purity of separated non-ferrous metals.

The structures of Cogelme Eddy Current Separator are made of strong steel bars, meantime the installed components have reinforced features to support great weight, volumes, and abrasivity of demolitions waste and to assure long-lasting smooth operation every day.

Cogelme, situated n North of Italy, manufactures high-quality Eddy Current Separators for more than 30 years, which distinguish with enhanced specifications for handling different type of materials in the best possible way.

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Cogelme develops and produces high-performing equipment and solutions for recycling industries. Get ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel impeccably separated from inert materials, thanks to the right separation solutions designed by highly qualified Cogelme engineers’...

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