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ARJES Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

ARJES Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
5 Jul 2022  |
In just 15 years, ARJES has grown from the bottom all the way up to become a leading supplier of industrial shredders for the recycling industry, meeting growing global challenges of the numerous mountains of waste of a wide variety of materials.

ARJES GmbH marked a new beginning for the company founder and pioneer of twin-shaft crushing, Norbert Hammel. He bought the site of the old concrete factory in Leimbach, Thuringia, and converted it into a modern production facility with just 19 employees. Today, the ARJES headquarters is a buzzing operation with just about 190 employees. The company, which started with a shredder for wood waste, has been able to continuously develop, optimize and expand its machinery to be able to shred a wider variety of materials such as metal, waste, and concrete today.

“The thing that makes our machines so unique is their mobility, their wide range of applications and the fact that they are very easy to handle. In other words, even a child could operate them” says Martin Priewe from the ARJES marketing department. “We are a relatively young company, but we have been able to grow very quickly over the last 15 years due to our commitment and willingness to innovate. Every machine we develop is a progression of the previous one. Hence our motto ‘Innovation is what keeps us thriving’.”

In 2016, ARJES launched its most important product to date: the IMPAKTOR 250, their first machine that could crush stone and concrete. It was also the first machine to be equipped with ARJES’ revolutionary quick-change system for shafts.

“With the development of the IMPAKTOR 250, we wanted to clearly stand out from our competitors,” says Christian Hennig, Operations Manager at ARJES. “We researched the market and questioned the needs of our customers. Many stated that it was difficult to change the shredding shafts and that this affected the daily work output.”

With the ARJES quick-change system, the tool shafts are connected to a cassette, which can be easily and quickly installed and removed. This simplifies maintenance, reconditioning and changing the shaft type for virtually uninterrupted operation. In combination with the easy maneuverability, the low-weight, the strong shredding performance and the good price-performance ratio, the order books at ARJES filled up quickly. Soon after, the market launch of an even more powerful shredder, the TITAN product line, followed. Both machines have left their mark on the company to this day. In the anniversary year 2022, ARJES has finally launched the long-awaited new mid-range EKOMAXX on the recycling market, in order to be able to offer users a more efficient successor product to the VZ 850 with a focus on optimum economic efficiency.

Due to the increasing necessity caused by the constantly growing waste volumes as well as the unsatisfied demand for our mobile shredding plants, ARJES will continuously develop its products further in order to be able to maintain the successful course in the future.

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